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Our Lifetime Warranty Coverage Requirements and Limitations

1. We're proud to give all of our customers one of the best lifetime warranties in the nation on their auto glass that was repaired or replaced by our technicians.

2. Our 100% lifetime warranty on our glass and service is stronger than any insurance company's coverage can offer. Not only do our customers know they can depend on our high quality installation, they can depend on this warranty for life on the glass we've serviced or replaced.

3. This warranty extends for the life of the vehicle and includes full coverage on any service/installation as well as manufacturer issues. This covers you during both the installment and the life of your vehicle with the actual windshield or auto glass that was repaired or replaced.

4. After our review and confirmation that you meet our lifetime guarantee requirements, we will inspect the glass damage and replace or repair according to our determination the automobile glass at zero cost to you. You will not be charged for the service or the actual glass products used to complete the job.

5. If we deemed that a repair to your auto glass would be satisfactory under this lifetime warranty but you aren't satisfied with the end result of the work, we can give you a credit for the job performed on a new glass replacement that will be performed by our technicians with our products.

6. In order to be eligible for this full lifetime warranty you, as the customer, are required to keep in your vehicle at all times the original glass service receipt which shows our work completed. This document will be what our staff need to reference upon your request for the lifetime warranty. Additionally, your automobile must be able to be driven. If the vehicle is sold to another party, the lifetime warranty becomes invalid.

7. Our lifetime warranty applies to normal driving standards by our customers and does not cover if the car has been stolen, vandalized, damaged from objects that aren't encountered through normal driving, extreme weather disasters or if the car has preexisting issues such as the body of the car is compromised structurally or by elements such as rust.

If you are a past or potential customer and have questions about our lifetime warranty or opening a claim, please  Contact Us.

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Our AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council) certified technicians not only repair or replace your front windshield but can also service any other windows on your car if they are cracked, chipped or damaged.
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