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How Windshield Laws Affect Drivers Differently Across the USA

The laws that relate to mandatory driver windshield visibility vary from state to state. While certain states have stiffer implications than others, the general consensus is that if an obstruction is in the direct line of the driver eye sight, than a windshield replacement is advisable and in some cases mandatory. The general ruling on an obstruction in the driver line of site is if the damage on the driver's side of the windshield is within the space that is 2 inches below the top of the windshield, 1 inch right of the furthest left edge and 2 inches above the bottom edge of the glass.

Federal Minimum Requirements for Vehicle Glass Visibility

The US Department of Transportation sets these minimum requirements for windshield visibility as well as automobile glass conditions and it is up to each state to enforce them. Some of these regulations are as follows:

1. The center of the windshield should not have any discoloration or damage. Additionally there should not be tint applied unless legal and in accordance with the state's set law.

2. One crack is acceptable in this central area of the windshield, provided it does not connect to another crack, cracks (spidering) or chips.

Arizona's Windshield Laws Are at the Discretion of the Officer

While it may be confusing for some residents and drivers, Arizona law 28-957.01 does not give an exact dimension or detail in what is considered a visual impairment that would require a replacement and potential citation. It simply states that vehicles must have an "adequate windshield". State law is interpreted that the police officer is to use discretion and has the authority to decide if the obstruction is unlawful. Because Arizona windshield law does not specifically state the size or proportion in which a chip or crack is unacceptable to law, the officer must base it on their opinion and driver safety protocol, such as if the visual impairment is in the direct line of site of the driver or if it's a large chip that could be distracting. Tickets vary in price depending on the county of the police department.

What Do Insurance Carriers in Arizona Typically Provide

There are two types of insurance options to consider for drivers who live in Arizona. Comprehensive insurance coverage, though typically cheaper per month, includes a deductible should you have to get a repair or replacement of your auto glass. Full glass coverage, as the name implies, provides any auto glass on the entire vehicle to be repaired or replaced with no deductible required. Depending on the amount of driving that Phoenix residents undertake in the valley, many choose full glass coverage as chips and cracks are commonplace given the extreme heat and automobile wear resulting through highway driving.

How to Stay Compliant if You Have Windshield Obstruction

Cracks can vary on vehicle glass based on the size, speed of impact and type of impediment. If you have a visual impairment on your windshield that is in your line of sight, large and/or distracting while driving, it is strongly advised you either get it repaired or replaced sooner than later. Not only do these obstructions cause an eye sore while you drive, they can potentially worsen from heat or glass composition fatigue and become worse. In addition, they may classify to an officer as being unlawful and thus result in a citation that could have been avoided. Our technicians can meet you and complete your windshield replacement service in Phoenix quickly and efficiently. Call our customer service representatives today for a free quote or complete our contact form on the website for a prompt follow up to your auto glass needs.

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