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Ways that Heat & Cold Cause Auto Glass Damage:

Arizona has extreme heat for almost half of the year and this, as well as drastic drops in temperature, can add serious stress to your auto glass and cause or worsen existing cracks or chips. Take for instance, you get a small 1 inch crack in your glass on the freeway in the winter time and since it's little, you ignore it and almost forget about it. When summer comes around, you wonder why it's now grown to 6 inches or more and becoming an eye sore and irritant while driving. How did this happen you ask? The summers in Arizona are some of the hottest and most intense in the entire United States. Not only is there little rainfall, the Phoenix metropolitan area is situated in a large bowl shape with mountains on most sides. This causes the heat to situate and further intensify with temperatures on record of over 122 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature soars and the sun sits in the sky longer "cooking" everything that is exposed, the resulting outcome affects the composition of your auto glass; weakening it and thus resulting in cracks to spread as well as spider.

Another cause of automobile glass damage is from drastic variation of temperature in a short duration of time. This can be caused by unnaturally hot Arizona day in winter and then a cold night thereafter or the opposite would be true as well. When temperatures change quickly and drastically, they destabilize the atoms in your auto glass and weaken their structure. If your car has any existing cracks, pocks or deep chips, these areas are most affected and pose risk of worsening. It is because your glass expands and contracts with heat and/or cold and if this happens over a short period of time, the extreme change pulls the material apart and thus causing the crack or chip to spread. Other elements can play a role in minimal glass damage to become major quickly. For instance, if your car has sat out all day in the sun and the chemical composition is greatly heated, any pressure such as a ball landing on your windshield, can greatly increase the likelihood of cracks spreading or worse implosion due to the weakened anatomy of your auto glass.

Tips to Preserve Your Auto Glass from Heat & Cold Damage:

1. Get your windshield or glass damage fixed as soon as possible with Crystal Clear's convenient mobile auto glass repair in Phoenix.

2. Protect your car from drastic temperature changes by using a car cover. This will also protect from unwanted prying eyes as well as surface dust and wear.

3. Garage you vehicle. This will keep your auto glass out of direct exposure to the sun and regulate the chemical composition more evenly than outside temperatures.

4. Avoid parking your vehicle next to areas of outdoor activity or under trees. Falling tree limbs, sports balls and other objects can randomly impact your automobile glass and cause cracks, worsen existing damage or even create an implosion.

5. If you have to park your car outside during the hot Arizona summer months, consider looking for a shaded location as well as making sure to use a sun shade. This will help limit direct sunlight from penetrating the interior of your car as well as keep the steering wheel from burning your hands when getting in to drive the car.

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